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Business objectives: "to improve quality, expand the market, image building, Hing Square."
    Quality is the successful partnership, the company adhere to the principle of quality first, to ensure the effective operation of the system. Today's quality, develop tomorrow's markets.
    customer-oriented, with integrity establish a brand image, to build the strength of the domestic tire brands faction enterprises.
Corporate culture: "patriotism, filial piety, gratitude, integrity and unity"

     Patriotic: Enterprise strong, the country strong, and dedicated to the cause of their motherland for the realization of ideals.

    Shiko: 100 Yoshitaka first.

    Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving promote culture and build a harmonious enterprise, harmonious society.

    Honesty: credible is fundamental to succeed.

    unity: unity, and progressive.

Entrepreneurship: about safety, stressing quality, honesty, unity.